Thursday, September 30, 2010

I love Fall!

Well....lets just start by saying I'm not going to even try catch this blog up, it just too far past gone.
With that said....Welcome Fall!!!

Until this year I really always kind of thought as fall as a boring season full of no excitement. It was the time where I was starting yet another year of school, and working very very slow shifts at the Golf Course. But this year is different!! For some reason I was ready for it! I'm enjoying the cool breezes, the changing colors of the leaves, apple cider, and fresh apples! Not to mention the other fun thing I got to start 3 days ago. Cosmetology School!!! So far I absolutely LOVE it! Laura Louwerse (friend from elementary, middle, and highschool) and I car pool everyday to GR and get to learn so much about the things we love doing! We've met some really fun girls and are really liking our instructor (Cathy) so far! The last few days we have been studying "salon management" and learning about all the Aveda Products. As well as learning a hand and arm massage with this GREAT smelling lotion. We also (very excitingly) opened out "kits" the first day. Talk about Christmas!!!! (The gift part at least). It was every girls dream, if your into hair that is!! With in the next couple weeks I'll be starting cuts colors and spas on the "models" I have to bring in. Let me know if your interested!! But as for now I'll leave you with a few pictures from this fall so far :) Thanks for reading!
My Cousins Ross&Sarah welcomed the first
great grandson on the Brink Side. Welcome Parker!

Mom and I out to lunch at Rainbow Grill the day
found out I got the job at Engedi Salon!

I LOVE spending my Monday's with these girlies
& their baby sister <3>
every Monday for the next year!
Joe and I went for dessert to Uchellos. We ordered
the Strawberry Shortcake, We highly recommend it!

Jamie & I went to Calvin to pick up Erika for
lunch, boy did I miss her!!

Monday Lily&I brought Jaycee lunch after she was
done with her fun day at Young 5's!

Laura&I off to our first day. This begins
the drive to GR every day for the next year!
AND I got my hair cut the night before, it's
a BIG change :) But I think I like it!

SO Excited!!
These are most of the supplies we got!

Jaycee is on the 7th Grade v-ball team at ZC,
I've been so busy this was the first game I could
make it to :( You did great Jaycee!

J.T. was at soccer.

Joe&I off on a "surprise" date ;)
He took me to Olive Garden! Can you believe I've
never been there before?!
My meal was Very good!!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the rest of the fall season, before we know it, it will be time to snowboard and snomobiel!!!!


  1. Lookin like you are enjoyin life! yay! I love fall too :) XO

  2. I would be a model! Do whatever you want! :)